The National Post Grad Athletic Association (NPGAA) is the only national organization dedicated to improving post-grad programs through career development opportunities, ongoing exposure, education, and networking while creating collegiate athletic exposure towards post-secondary advancement. 

The NPGAA’s overall objective is to provide continued exposure, academic support, and resources on various scholarship opportunities for students’ post-high school. The NPGAA values its members as we seek to represent students, coaches, academic advisors, and parents who have become the primary stakeholders within the career development platform.

The NPGAA seeks the right fit for both the association and the new program seeking to join. We seek programs that value opportunity, embrace challenges, and are prepared to enrich the lives of the young adults it serves within their respective communities. With the NPGAA setting the tone for Post Grad’s future, maintaining the highest possible standards within the Post Grad field is our focus.  

We welcome new programs to apply for membership within the National Post Grad Athletic Association.