Press Release – 2023 Post Grad Bowl Game


June 12, 2023



                     The NPGAA continues to grow Post High School football across the nation.


The National Post Grad Athletic Association continues to expand its dynamic platform throughout the Post Grad athletics scene by offering three pre-season Post Grad / College Prep football bowl games as the season begins in Mid-August.                                            

With the addition of 9 new teams entering the 2023 season, the NPGAA has more than doubled in size from 8 teams in its inaugural season three years ago to over 20. The geographic footprint has also expanded from 5 to 10 states which now includes the West Coast, offering more opportunities for players to develop while having a chance to play in front of college coaches with hopes of earning a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. To facilitate this developmental opportunity the NPGAA will be highlighting its member teams from each region in pre-season bowl games at the beginning of the season.

NPGSN, a division of the NPGAA will be the lead broadcasting network providing livestream coverage throughout all three games. The regions being showcased in this year’s Post Grad pre-season bowl games are the Gulf Atlantic, MidSouth, and Rocky Mountains.

Featured Matchups:

The Gulf Atlantic region will be represented by one of the NPGAA newest member programs who has accepted its first bowl bid in Fountain City Prep. Fountain City Prep is coming off its best season as the defending conference champions of their independent conference.

The Midsouth region will be represented well as the defending Great Lakes Conference champions and national runner up FLYGHT Academy out of Dayton Ohio will be taking on Mississippi Prep out of Biloxi MS.

The Pacific Coast conference region will showcase the Rocky Mountain Bowl which will feature two new NPGAA member programs in the Ogden Jets out of Ogden Utah squaring off against FCC Spartans out of Central Florida.

The integration of the transfer portal within college athletics has resulted in less opportunities for players coming out of high school. The trickledown effect of fewer roster spots has highlighted the necessity and advantage of Post Grad / College Prep athletics, as players are able to develop their skills with full eligibility intact which calls for a more season, mature and developed student athlete. By moving bowl games to the start of the season, the focus on potential and development is highlighted as exposure is maximized earlier. Dates and locations will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more Post Grad news, the future of College Prep athletics.