Post Grad

What is Post Grad?

To some it’s called a Gap Year, College Prep, PG but the proper term used to understand the whole process by many is called Post Grad. A Post Grad program is an academic support program that assists young student in need of additional academic or athletic support. These prospective students have graduated from High School but lack the qualifications needed to obtain a Division I or overall athletic scholarship. A Post Grad program is not a repeat of a senior year in high school, but more of a transitional program that works to instill structure into a young students’ routine, to improve grades, test scores, life skills and the overall maturity level while providing an extra year of academic or athletic development.

A true Post Grad year can also allow a student athlete the opportunity to become more physically, mentally and academically prepared for college without losing any of their 4 years of college eligibility. Students are given the opportunity to polish their skills while increasing their marketing ability which provides a second chance to be seen by colleges and coaches around the country.