Value of Post Grad

Students enrolled at the verses Post Grad programs across the country not only are given the opportunity to increase their academic position but athletically students are eligible to compete against NCAA junior varsity (JV) teams, Prep Schools and other lower level College Programs.  This allows maximum exposure to major college programs to recruit students enrolled at a Post Grad program. Colleges throughout the country fully recognize the value of students who have attended a post grad program because of the level of maturity and physical and mental development that students obtain.

Who might be interested in a postgraduate year?

There are many reasons for enrolling at a post grad program. As a student athlete you provide yourself with the best opportunity to better yourself as student first and athlete second. There are many reasons to consider a PG program which include but not limited to:

* Raise GPA for NCAA or a specific school.

* Raise SAT or ACT for NCAA or specific school.

* Increase your physical growth and development

* Gain more exposure at a higher level of competition

* Development as an athlete and mature mentally.

* Unhappy with college choices coming out of high school.